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Ubiqi Health, Inc. | 07.22.14

Few of my favorites from the session yesterday. Thanks to Zahra Barzin for scheduling and creative direction. Excited to see my images on the final site design!

Pioneer Goods, Tremont St. South End, Boston. 07.18.14 

Giles Clement had a pop up studio in the South End for tin type portraits. I was beyond excited that I could make it out to see the antique camera and observe the process (I need to know more about this!!). I arrived just in time to sign up on to have my portrait taken, very difficult and rare for me to be on the other side of the camera, however I was so glad I did. Thank you Giles!

Check out for more info and to see his upcoming events.

welcome to an underwater 35mm film camera. first time with a camera in the water.

Manchester by the Sea, MA (“singing beach”) | 07.06.14 

welcome to an underwater 35mm film camera. first time with a camera in the water.

Manchester by the Sea, MA (“singing beach”) | 07.06.14 

The Big Seize Moped Rally. 06.07.2014.

Lucky 2 Strokes | Allston*RockCity, MA

Boston Calling 2014.

Some fresh cuts..Brand New, Bastille, Warpaint, Tegan & Sara, Jenny Lewis, The Neighbourhood, & Modest Mouse. 

"Let’s make something big." -Fish McGill (@fishmcgill)

My concentration and focus was completely wrecked and I wasn’t feeling up to make anything at all. Luckily I had my friend and classmate Fish in the studio that helped me snap out of it. We took one of my images from Coolidge Corner and projected it on a big piece of white paper in my studio space. Fish grabbed some ink and brushes and we worked together to trace the photo. It was great to see something totally different, my photo reinterpreted as a drawing, messy and sketchy and with more depth than the photo.

Documents of Experience: the Boston Marathon & A Photographer’s Obligation

They said not to look at any images on my camera. Just put that card away somewhere and don’t open it.

Telling those things to a photographer (who also has a photographic memory) is like saying stop breathing. It doesn’t matter if I don’t look at the images, I will have every photograph I took that day and even more burned in to my memory. As a photographer, you remember every single image you capture with a camera and seeing it again brings back the memory of that moment even stronger. The other collection of images in my memory, I can’t show you, but the photographs here are as close I can get you to it. They represent every emotion from my joy and excitement seeing the fans and top women runners at Coolidge Corner, to my peace and relief at the sight of a BBQ on the porch at Great Scott when I finally arrived home in Allstonrockcity. Everyone has images they took that day that are special to them, unique to their experience, and these are my documents of experience. So I’m opening them up and letting them go here.

More at the link below:

When you’re not even looking, when you least expect, someone will turn the corner or walk right into
you. And you have a choice, to push them away or let them in. I’m taking the latter this time and I’m excited for what adventure is ahead. It’s time.